Monday, February 13, 2012

6 Valentine's Day Tips for the Single Woman

Alas, it is almost Valentine's, a day for couples to exchange cards and for singles to...Well, what can a single woman do on Valentine's?  Does she sigh and eat ice cream or does she enjoy the day and celebrate her single status?  If you ask me, I say the latter.

Too often, singles believe that Valentine's excludes them and that it's a day to be endured or ignored.

Instead of regarding Valentine's as a day of love in the broadest sense, singles are inundated with limited images of husbands surprising wives with necklaces or couple snuggling in front of a fireplace.  Such images limit love to the arena of romance.  And while Valentine's can include romantic love, it can also honor the other variations of loving relationships that we have in our lives.

Which leads us to this pressing question:  How to rock Valentine's as a stylish single?  All right, I'm at the beginnings of my style update so these V-Day tips will have the barest hint of style advice.

If you're ready to put that scoop of ice cream down and check out my V-Day tips, then here goes:

1.  Expansion - Instead of focusing on your romantic relationship or lack thereof, expand your definition of relationships to include your other relationships in life.  You can even make a quick gratitude list of the relationships that you're grateful for.

2.  Appreciation - What do you appreciate about your single status?  With all of the hype over happy couples on Valentine's, it's easy to forget how disappointed and stressed some couples can be over the holiday.  As a single, you have the opportunity to design your own special Valentine's Day.  Instead of waiting for someone to give you a gift, you can buy it yourself.

3.  Opportunity - In connection to tip 2, what opportunities are available to you as a single woman?  You can spend more time with your friends, if you wish, or time alone.  You can sign up for evening singing lessons without someone feeling shortchanged.  You even have the opportunity to embark on a new relationship, if you wish.

4.  Style -  For Valentine's, you can style your home/room as you desire.  You can add touches of red or pink to your room.  Make your space feel more romantic/sacred by adding flowers, lighting a candle, playing relaxing music.

For yourself, you can wear clothing that celebrates who you are and make you feel beautiful.  A blouse in a flattering color.  A piece of jewelry bought while traveling.  The idea is to wear something special and/or sentimental.

5.  Health - Why not try a new healthy food this Valentine's?  Or simply boost your fruit or veggie intake for the day?  By eating healthier food, you'll be enhancing your health and feeling of well-being. 

If you want to boost your energy, you can take a refreshing walk, add an extra 10 minutes to your daily gym routine or check out a fitness DVD from the library. 

6.  Detach - If you're still floundering or feeling ill-at-ease about the day, take a deep breath and remember Valentine's is only one day during the year.

Want more support with enjoying Valentine's as a (soon-to-be) stylish single?  Feel free to check out the links which I've added on the right or have a look at Single With Attitude which lists resources for singles.  (Yes, I do have a blog which is listed there as well.)  : )

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